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Nanjing Baoqing Jewelry Corporation, began in 1818, Jiangsu famous brand, pandora full charm bracelet Jiangsu famous brand, the old Chinese, the main gold and silver jewelry and gold and silver ornaments, jewelry wholesale, wholesale, research and development as one of the large brand jewelers

Jiangsu Baoqing Jewelry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Baoqing Silver House”) is a large-scale brand jeweler with jewelry retail, wholesale, R & D and processing affordable pandora charms . The predecessor company “Baoqing Silver House” was founded in the Qing Jiaqing years, has nearly 200 years of history, is the prestigious old one of the old silver. Baoqing silver main products for the “Baoqing” brand and “Baoqing Silver House” brand series of gold and silver jewelry and gold and silver ornaments tinkerbell charms for pandora bracelets.
After the nineteenth century, Baoqing silver pool brought together Jiang, Zhejiang Mingjiang, two gangs, superior skills, silver hall fame. To the last century thirties and thirties, Nanjing silver industry began to flourish,disney charm bracelet pandora  the size of the silver floor nearly 100, Baoqing silver floor business scale and total capital of the public at the time of the first silver tower, the name of the time. In 1929, Baoqing Silver House a “Silver tripod” won the “West Lake Expo” Grand Prize laurel, famous Zhenjiang north and south, established in the silver industry’s important position mickey mouse pandora bracelet.
After the founding of new China, Baoqing Silver House traditional crafts in the network, art pulse, technical pulse and context, the same strain, from generation to generation. In 1984, Baoqing Silver House in the domestic industry with the first to restore the old signs, began to implement the brand strategy, innovative management model, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, from production to production and management, mickey mouse charms for pandora bracelet comprehensive strength ranks the forefront of the same industry. “Baoqing card” products have won the provincial distinctions, Buyou and the National Silver Award, exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States more than 10 countries and regions, known at home and abroad.
Today, Baoqing Yinli grasping opportunities, minnie mouse pandora charm limited edition meet challenges, and development, the implementation of “local development and development of foreign ports at the same time to promote self-management and brand to join the simultaneous development of” strategic objectives, has been in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shandong and other places to open brand stores 200, the brand influence greatly improved pandora disney princess .
Baoqing Silver House is now the China Gold Association, China Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Industry Association, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce vice president of jewelry units, Jiangsu Province, gold jewelry industry association unit pandora princess collection 2017。

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By the world brand laboratory and the world manager group jointly compiled and released in 2014, “Asian brand 500” a total of 19 countries and regions, 500 brands selected, South Korea’s Samsung, elsa crown pandora Japan, Japan and Japan Toyota ranked the top three, China, Japan and South Korea are among the top three brands.
“Asian brand 500” is the evaluation of the brand’s Asian influence, brand influence refers to the brand to open up the market, the occupation of the market and the ability to profit. World Brand Labs The basic indicators of brand influence include market share, brand loyalty and Asian leadership little mermaid charm for pandora bracelet.

As a leading leader in China’s jewelry industry, Zhou Dasheng with its strong brand strength, quality service and excellent products, loved by the vast number of consumers, and for enterprises to win the industry’s leading reputation and market visibility. The list, for Zhou Dasheng is the market for the great encouragement and incentives, Zhou Dasheng jewelry will make persistent efforts to further enhance its brand influence and brand core values, strides forward to the world-class brand forward.
Carefully and hard to get a return, alice in wonderland pandora beads chain monopoly business booming, showing a strong development trend. So far, with 40 regional operations management agencies, marketing network covering 32 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities more than 300 large and medium-sized cities, chain stores / counters will stride towards 2000, and access to relevant state departments and society The highest quality of all sectors of the evaluation, enjoy a high reputation and reputation, beauty and the beast charms for pandora well-known protection, the first batch of China’s product quality electronic network of 100 famous enterprises, the creation of China’s jewelry brand leading enterprises, China’s 500 most valuable brand, 2011CCTV China’s annual brand, Ernst & Young China’s most promising enterprises and many other honors and other honors, Zhou Dasheng people full of business intelligence and hard work hard to witness. Chairman Zhou Zongwen for its excellent contribution to the “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone 30 years outstanding contribution to business and industry leader” title, pandora disney charms uk has become recognized as the industry leader inside and outside the industry.
With the sustained and rapid economic growth, China’s growing demand for jewelry consumption, market potential continues to expand. The latest statistics show that China’s annual consumption of jewelry more than 30 billion US dollars, the spending power ranks third in the world, second only to the United States and Japan. pandora disney cruise line charms We believe that in the surge in market demand and international brand competition, the future of China’s jewelry market will continue to break down, brand personality will be more prominent, the product will pay more attention to design and emotional needs. Enterprises only in-depth understanding of the different needs of consumers and provide accurate positioning of the product in order to achieve sustained success in the competition.pandora charm sets  Zhou Dasheng jewelry as a multi-brand strategy leader, looking forward to the Chinese jewelry brand to create a new miracle.

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In 1999 Tiffany launched engagement diamond ring Lucida, the word Latin meaning the galaxy’s star. pandora gift bag  Lucida’s diamonds are square, simple and charming lines, diamonds cut diamonds make diamonds more layered, not only inside and outside the distribution of eye-catching light, and move will produce different light.
In 2001, Tiffany & Co opened the first Chinese exclusive store in the lobby of Wangfu Hotel in Beijing pandora block letters.
2003 Tiffany launched Tiffany Legacy diamond engagement and wedding ring series, on the design of the Edwardian era, in the patented mattress cut from the main stone carefully decorated with fine drill, distributed retro gorgeous style, Zhuoerbuqun, highlight the classical charm pandora new charms 2017.
2017 Blue Book Premium Jewelry Series contains six main themes – Whispers of the Rain Forest; Miracle Berry; The Falls; Leaves of the Sun; wings Feathered Cloak; Yesterday (Today and Tomorrow) – Exquisite design and imagination of the story together to reproduce the infinite inspiration from the natural wonders. “Every year, we continually break through the limits of craftsmanship and innovation in every way, creating a unique craftsmanship in a variety of ways, and all seemingly impossible works can be perfectly presented in Tiffany.” Tiffany Melvyn Kirtley,pandora christmas charm bracelet  chief economist and senior vice president of jewelry, said Melvyn Kirtley.

Paloma Picasso, the world-renowned jeweler designer, designed a new olive leaf jewelry series for Tiffany in 2013, inspired by the Moroccan garden, Paloma Picasso, Art and characteristics of culture cleverly integrated into the jewelry design, in different forms of the interpretation of the work of the delicate things fine. The new olive leaf jewelry series, the use of soft curves of olive leaves, magnificent stones, made into lifelike jewelry: exquisite leaves pandora free radio music , gorgeous necklace … … bring us a new fashion personality beauty!
November 28, 2016, this year’s Christmas, you can mention the other half, buy Tiffany gift, you can buy the brand of porcelain blue box, or printed on the New York landmark image of the bone china box instead of the traditional carton, Both environmentally friendly, but also from when the decoration as the same place when the eye, do both where can i buy pandora charms near me!
To see the blue and green box, are easy to restrain their excitement, but when the gift out of the box, even when the memorial to the box away, may be limited to the drawer, Not the sun and moisture damage, so this box of romance may be just a moment? Christmas this year, you can mention the other half pandora charm bracelet store locator , buy Tiffany gift, you can buy the brand of porcelain blue box, or printed on the New York landmark illustration of bone china box instead of traditional cartons, both environmentally friendly, but also from when the decoration The same as when the eye, do both!

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With his husbands of hard-working entrepreneurial spirit and vowed to do not bow to the tenacity, led Aidier thrive, in this seemingly sunny, pandora gold leather bracelet but also does not seem to sunrise industry, can become a “concept stocks”, and only he has This is resistant. At the same time taking into account the development of Aidi Er culture, Ai De Er culture has become a cultural model of Shenzhen jewelry business. Ai Deer’s “decorative sector” has become China’s jewelery sector must read the marketing magazine, the future development should be limitless pandora charm necklace .
Eddie Jewelery founder, chairman of the board. In 2006, IDEAL was named “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brand”. In 2007, IDEAL was recognized as “China Famous Brand”. In 2008, it became the advisor of Shenzhen Aeronautics and Astronautics. In 2009, it was listed as the key IPO enterprise by Shenzhen Luohu District pandora charms for necklaces.
Abstract: Dai Mengde jewelry the most beautiful wedding series, with the bride put on the wedding when the most beautiful moment for the design inspiration, learn the graceful lace on the wedding as a design element. Fancy lace turned into a romantic romantic ring on the ring, full of soft beauty,

pandora necklaces and bracelets full of luxury style. And the product of the inner wall of the arc is also used in line with the design of the curvature of the fingers, so that the wearer’s fingers more comfortable. In the design of the mouth, the most beautiful wedding series using a unique design,pandora bracelet beads  so that the diamond and even the whole ring looks more upright, noble, like the bride at the wedding show self-confidence charm.
Dai Mengde jewelry the most beautiful wedding series: for you full of the United States moment

Soft music in the sweet half-empty drift … … elegant guests quietly waiting for the arrival of the hero … full of fragrant flowers are preparing to declare their love monologue … … everything, are looking forward to the beginning of the most beautiful wedding … …
Waiting for a long time pandora crystal beads , and finally ushered in today’s arrival. Full of expectations, put on pure white lace wedding, in the most beautiful moment, with you to start another chapter in life. Pure white petals bloom all the way to the altar of the red carpet, like a dream romantic romantic throughout the garden, wearing a graceful wedding dress, calmly standing in the flowers quietly waiting. Not far from you,pandora bracelet sister charm  marching steadily steady pace of walking slowly, sprinkled around the seeds of love, accompanied by your pace is a germination. Every guest in the garden is covered with a smile of blessing, that moment, you hold my hand, the world is still, the picture of the general situation slowly spread out, so beautiful, but so real.
You and I laugh, his hands tightly walking on the red carpet leading to happiness pandora bracelets online . Dream wedding sprinkled so beautiful, embroidered lace skirt inadvertently across the white romantic guests, so that everyone felt the happiness of love. Elegant white yarn is so moving, as if talking about the past countless thoughts and beautiful. I love people and love me here witnessed,pandora charms online store  romantic white under the wedding of all the vision to be achieved. In the most beautiful moment, for you blooming love fragrance, before the romantic in my mind all described at the moment of eternity. Long red carpet stretches along the way only belongs to our love story, from acquaintance to know each other in the picture of each other in the minds of turns broadcast stores that carry pandora jewelry.

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The Young Life hopes to bring people new, young and vibrant lifestyles,pandora jewelry deals  to exercise and feel the natural, with more sense of responsibility and love to pay attention to social and public welfare. Because the young, the body and the soul should be on the road. Young, never stop pandora jewelry retailers  !
Chow Tai Fook’s share price has fallen for the past two years due to both falling earnings and profits. The current total market value has been more than the 2014 high point damage more than 90 billion Hong Kong dollars, the largest decline of more than 7 percent.

One of the results of the loss is that the store closes. As of the end of September 2015,  pandora jewelry uk Chow Tai Fook closed 115 retail outlets, equivalent to about 5% of total retail outlets, as of the end of March 2016, Chow Tai Fook in the Mainland a total of 2057 jewelry retail outlets.
In recent years, the jewelry industry continue to encounter Waterloo,jewelry pandora bracelet  performance bleak, many brands have closed the store, and some even collapse. Chow Tai Fook Annual Report shows that “the number of closed stores is higher than the average in the past, is due to weak consumption, intense market competition and the impact of e-commerce, is increasingly squeezing the jeweler’s profit margins pandora charm bracelet sale .
With the development of the Internet economy, traditional enterprises have to make a transformation. And more and more department stores in mainland China to reorganize the industry to adapt to the changes in the retail consumer preferences; network sales diverted some consumers,sale on pandora charms  into the store flow down. Only do online and offline business, traditional enterprises have a way out.
Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. Is a wholly – owned subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Group, which specializes in Chow Tai Fook brand jewelery and jewelery business. pandora rings and bracelets It is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates raw material procurement, production design and retail service. Chow Tai Fook sales of a wide range of goods, fashionable and unique, very taste, including 999.9 gold jewelry, diamonds, precious stones gold charms pandora , jade, Nanyang pearl, Japan beads jewelry, etc .; the company more directly to Italy to buy the most popular K gold jewelry; Hong Kong and Macao area of ​​Chow Tai Fook more world famous brand watches and clocks, to bring customers a wide range of options Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. Is a wholly – owned subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Group, which specializes in Chow Tai Fook brand jewelery and jewelery gold pandora bracelet charms.

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Abstract: How to clean pearl necklace? Pearl necklace will stay for a long time after the sweat traces and other filthy, pearl color although very beautiful, but can not stand a long test. After a few decades  Pandora Stackable Heart Ring,Butterfly Wing Silver Ring , pearls will become ordinary yellow, while losing the beautiful pearl luster, which is the saying goes, “people old bead yellow.” We regularly wash pearl necklace, make pearl necklace a new look.
Pearl necklace how to clean teach you how to restore pearl past glory discontinued pandora charms
Pearl jewelry with a long time why it will be yellow? This is mainly composed of pearls of the australite minerals of the physical properties of instability, over time, it will become an ordinary calcite. Carnation calcite, although the chemical composition of the same, and their crystal morphology and gloss is not the same.pandora charm collection  This is the reason for the pearl discoloration.
Pearl after the yellow, there are some remedies, that is, soaked with dilute hydrochloric acid, can dissolve the yellow shell, leaving the pearl to reproduce the crystal brilliant, glamorous and charming color. But if the color becomes very powerful, it will be difficult to reverse the pandora charms retailers .

Pearl necklace cleaning steps
1, prepare a clean towel, towel to be soft and clean.
Pearl necklace cleaning steps detailed
2, the first slightly clean the above easy to scrub clean things.
Pearl necklace cleaning steps detailed Two Tone Yellow Gold Gold 14k Rose Gold
3, with a towel dip some soapy water, and then carefully scrub again.
Pearl necklace cleaning steps detailed pandora charms genuine
4, you can go to the market to buy a special cleaning agent, with a cotton swab really clean.
Pearl necklace cleaning steps detailed
5, cleaning is a careful live, carefully cleaned, your pearl necklace on a new look Oh
Nanyang gold pearl prices are generally how much gold pearl price difference is great?
Nanyang gold pearl to its mellow and elegant temperament to  pandora starter bracelet impress women, making it a femininity endorsement. Nanyang gold pearl huge, rounded, pure, innate natural beauty and bright natural luster to show unparalleled elegance, style, making it one of the most popular pearls. However, now the market price of gold pearls uneven, why gold pearl price difference is very large? What are the factors that affect the price of gold pearl? pandora bracelet rope  The following pearl beauty of the small series for everyone to analyze one by one.

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Tahitian black pearl
Mainly produced in the French Polynesian area, 95% of the world’s black pearls are produced with this cheap pandora Sterling Silver , Sterling Silver Oxidised. Tahitian black pearl on the environmental requirements are very high, the breeding process is very long and the mother is very easy to die, under normal circumstances 100 black dish mussels mother shell, can successfully cultivate pearls up to only 50, which if Can have five is perfect flawless pearl is already very good sagittarius pandora charm , so every finished Tahiti black pearls are very precious. Tahitian black pearl quality at the same time, its color is unique, in the black, gray on the basis of color and with a different color color, bringing a very mysterious feeling, is simply magic and perfect Incarnation. Tahitian black pearl precious exception,snowman pandora charm  is the Polynesian pure lagoon in the treasures, pearls in the best, enjoy the “Queen of the Pearl” and “Queen of the Queen’s reputation.”

 South Pearl
Produced in the north of Australia sea color and particle size can be regarded as unparalleled in the Philippines, Malaysia and the Indonesian islands along the sea. Nanyang pearl is an elusive treasures, it is rounded, pure, huge, more pure colors, with innate natural beauty, whether in color or in the particle size xmas pandora charms , can be regarded as unparalleled. However, because the mother of the South Sea bead is white butterfly shell is very rare at the same time more sensitive, its cultivation is very difficult, and it takes up to six years of farming period, and can only rely on marine fishing, plus the Australian government on the annual white butterfly Pui’s catch sets  pandora charm turtle a very small limit and strict management regulations, so it is not easy to get a Nanyang pearl. Some people say, looking for a perfect Nanyang pearl, as weaving a difficult to achieve the dream. So that the South Pearl in terms of both the degree of preciousness or price are called: the king of pearls.
Through the following Xiaobian’s explanation pandora charms free shipping , I believe that the production of pearls corresponding to the characteristics of the pearls and probably the quality of the understanding of it Where the best quality pearls produced, this is not a general point of view to the point of view. Because the quality of pearls produced in each place is good with the bad, for example,beads that fit pandora  we can not say that the quality of freshwater pearls is the worst, because many of the freshwater pearls are certainly there is also a round, strong light, no time Can akoya seawater pearl comparable to the high quality pearls, which is the same reason.
Where the best quality pearl produced, and sometimes can be said to be a matter of opinion. The current value of pearls from low to high are: freshwater pearls, Chinese sea pearls (also known as Nanzhu),pandora like charms cheap  Japanese sea pearls (ie, Japan akoya pearls), Tahitian black pearls, South pearl. As Tahitian black pearls and Nanyang pearls are very rare and are very popular in the international market.
Xiao Bian that the purchase of pearls should not just look at the origin of pearls, pearl should also be the shape, size, thickness of the pearl layer, whether there are flaws and so on factors,pandora charms 2017  many aspects of comparison to buy the highest quality pearls.
If you are a pearl fanatical collection of lovers, you can collect different origins of high-quality pearls, with different pearls, can make you very free according to the occasion and clothes to carry out the perfect match, so that you look under the pearl Elegant.

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Abstract: 2015 Beijing Summer Jewelery Show opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center Two Tone Yellow Gold,Gold 14k,Rose Gold , this exhibition jewelry booth nearly 1,000, gathered at home and abroad nearly 400 jewelry suppliers, a wide range of jewelry exhibits, brought together diamonds, jade, amber, coral, Tourmaline, emerald and other jewelry category, for the capital jewelry enthusiasts presented a fashion feast pandora elephant charm .
2015 Beijing summer jewelry show Following the recent hot scenes, once again detonated this summer fashion hot, full of consumers to bring a more memorable jewelry exhibition.

July 23, 2015, is the 2015 Beijing summer jewelry exhibition to carry out the first day. The heat of the summer did not affect people’s enthusiasm for the jewelry show, come to the audience of the audience flocked.  pandora religious charms The summer jewelry exhibition is still set at the China International Exhibition Center held in the old hall, 20,000 square meters of large area, gathered from around the jewelry lovers.

The exhibitors at the 2005 Beijing Summer Jewelery Show gathered in different types and styles of pavilions. Not only have long-term help out of the Jinli, water Pui, Po Lin Pavilion, as well as from Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and other countries and regions of the international pavilions to exhibitors. pandora travel charms 2017 1000 booths, neatly placed at home and abroad many well-known jewelry brand exhibitors brought about by the exquisite exhibits, to come to the exhibitors to bring the forefront of fashion jewelry fashion information, interpretation of a gorgeous bright feast of jewelry. And these leading fashion world’s latest style of high-end jewelry, it is attracting a large number of female consumers eyes, many big jewelry booths are full of view and consult jewelry information graceful figure,be charming pandora  has become a beautiful jewelry exhibition The scenery.

In addition to work well, fashionable jewelry, some of the investment value of the gem, the original stone booth, jewelry investors are also surrounded by layers of enthusiasts. Priceless high-quality diamonds pandora collection charms , dazzling red sapphire, emerald, jade, jade, tourmaline, amber and other rare jewelry, are in the exhibition in the fight. Among them, the most eye-catching, was a beautiful charming, unpredictable world-famous opal. The appearance of light-colored opal is known as the “lucky stone”leather pandora bracelet , its colorful colors are also known as the “seven-color rainbow.” However, due to the production of scarce, usually not often seen by people, so when it appeared in the jewelry show, immediately caused a large number of jewelry enthusiasts onlookers.

Exquisite jewelry in this jewelry show blooming with the characteristics pandora look alike bracelets  of the charming glory, the audience have expressed a one-time view of such a wide variety of different styles of rare treasures, it is a worthwhile trip. Can take this opportunity to visit this trend of jewelry leading the event, feel the brilliance of jewelry brought a trace of cool, presumably this summer is also a  women’s pandora bracelet different kind of heart experience.

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Old Fengxiang, listed companies, is a hundred years of national brand,  pandora pink、red and green beads the famous Chinese jewelry brand. Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd. is created by the development of the old Fengxiang Silver House in 1848. Its trademark “Lao Fengxiang” is also derived from the name of the old Fengxiang Silver House. Is across three years of China’s classic jewelry brand. where to buy pandora charms online Here to introduce you to the old Fengxiang gold jewelry how? Shanghai old Fengxiang silver floor, the old Fengxiang Chow Tai Fook gold which is good and so on!
Old Fengxiang, old Fengxiang Silver House, Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Silver House Limited
Shanghai old Fengxiang silver floor
Shanghai old Fengxiang silver floor: the old Fengxiang silver floor is the only one by half a century ago handed down to the century-old shop. Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Co.pandora pendant charms , Ltd. is created by the development of the old Fengxiang Silver House in 1848. Its trademark “Lao Fengxiang” is also derived from the name of the old Fengxiang Silver House.
Lao Fengxiang Jewelery Co., Ltd., Lao Fengxiang Jewelry Co., Ltd., Lao Fengxiang Diamond Processing Center Co., Ltd. and other more than 20 subsidiaries, jewelry factory, silverware factory, pandora style charm bracelets Gift factory, profile plant four professional branch, and more than 60 chain Yinlou, more than 300 stores and more than 1,000 dealers of large jewelry enterprise groups.

Old Fengxiang gold jewelry how?

Subscribe to the registered capital of 523110000 yuan (binding information after landing system can be set to register the capital column hidden)
Founded in 1848 the national brand old Fengxiang, set “R & D, design pandora charm bracelet cost , production and sales” in one, with a number of professional plants, research institutes and all over the country more than 3,000 sales outlets, with a complete industrial chain, Jewelry, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, jade, jade, pearls, gold inlay, colored stones, enamel, red coral and other categories of jewelry, and dental carvings, K gold glasses, craft souvenirs are also widely acclaimed, Is the Chinese jewelry industry in the historical background, the scale of channels and brand value pandora charms 50 birthday , and other leading leading enterprises. In 2015, Lao Fengxiang to 35.712 billion in operating income and 1.901 billion yuan of profits disdain for the pack.

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Abstract: Looking back over the past year, gold prices are still in the doldrums,  Cheap Silver Station Necklace,  jewelry industry sales are still not optimistic. Hong Kong business to accelerate the layout of the Mainland, jewelry brand enterprises to lift the “hot listing”, China’s jewelry industry mergers and acquisitions to accelerate significantly … … a series of major events, let us together to review.
1 the first Chinese gold jewelry festival and water Pui ten years awards ceremony held pandora charms sale 2017
September 9, by the China Gold Association, China Gold Newspaper, Shenzhen Luohu District People’s Government industry guidance of the first Chinese gold jewelry festival and water Pui ten years awards ceremony, held in Shenzhen Luohu Hall.
Festival ceremony announced the Chinese gold jewelry festival and water shells ten years Billboard results. 15 entrepreneurs gathered as “water shell ten years leading character award”; mannat jewelry, pandora jewelry rings sale Fu Qi, Wu Honghua and other 15 entrepreneurs won the “water shell ten years leading character award” Jewelry and other 15 enterprises to obtain enterprise innovation award; national gold and silver products Quality Supervision and Testing Center (Nanjing), Guangdong Gold and other nine enterprises pandora bracelet best price or units to obtain industrial promotion award; Shenzhen Gold Jewelry Industry Association received a special contribution award.

2 international gold prices continued weak industry pressure
With the stock market up and the Fed began to reduce monetary stimulus efforts, gold in 2013 ended a 12-year bull market, in 2014 continued weakness. Spot gold hit a four-year low of $ 1132.16 an ounce in November 2014. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that the first two months of 2014, pandora earring charms discount gold and silver jewelry consumption growth rate fell to 9.3% year on year. After 5 months more consecutive year on year “negative growth”. Industry analysis is expected in 2014 China’s jewelry industry sales growth or a record 10 years to a minimum record.
3 industry standard to cancel the purity of thousands of gold named
At the annual meeting of the National Committee for Standardization of Jewelery in 2014, pandora charms clearance sale it was approved by the mandatory industry standard GB11887 “Regulations on the purity and quality of precious metals for jewelry”.
In accordance with international practice, the new standard will cancel the “thousands of gold”, “thousands of platinum”, “thousands of piles of palladium”, “thousands of silver” purity naming. After the sale of precious metals on the market label (certificate) in the product name, can only include purity,authentic pandora charms on sale  materials, gem names and jewelry varieties 4 items. Precious metal content greater than 990 ‰ of jewelry, must be marked as gold (platinum, palladium, silver). According to the production, sales enterprises, testing organizations and other relevant aspects of the views, the standard will set a 15-month transition period.