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The Young Life hopes to bring people new, young and vibrant lifestyles,pandora jewelry deals  to exercise and feel the natural, with more sense of responsibility and love to pay attention to social and public welfare. Because the young, the body and the soul should be on the road. Young, never stop pandora jewelry retailers  !
Chow Tai Fook’s share price has fallen for the past two years due to both falling earnings and profits. The current total market value has been more than the 2014 high point damage more than 90 billion Hong Kong dollars, the largest decline of more than 7 percent.

One of the results of the loss is that the store closes. As of the end of September 2015,  pandora jewelry uk Chow Tai Fook closed 115 retail outlets, equivalent to about 5% of total retail outlets, as of the end of March 2016, Chow Tai Fook in the Mainland a total of 2057 jewelry retail outlets.
In recent years, the jewelry industry continue to encounter Waterloo,jewelry pandora bracelet  performance bleak, many brands have closed the store, and some even collapse. Chow Tai Fook Annual Report shows that “the number of closed stores is higher than the average in the past, is due to weak consumption, intense market competition and the impact of e-commerce, is increasingly squeezing the jeweler’s profit margins pandora charm bracelet sale .
With the development of the Internet economy, traditional enterprises have to make a transformation. And more and more department stores in mainland China to reorganize the industry to adapt to the changes in the retail consumer preferences; network sales diverted some consumers,sale on pandora charms  into the store flow down. Only do online and offline business, traditional enterprises have a way out.
Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. Is a wholly – owned subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Group, which specializes in Chow Tai Fook brand jewelery and jewelery business. pandora rings and bracelets It is a comprehensive enterprise which integrates raw material procurement, production design and retail service. Chow Tai Fook sales of a wide range of goods, fashionable and unique, very taste, including 999.9 gold jewelry, diamonds, precious stones gold charms pandora , jade, Nanyang pearl, Japan beads jewelry, etc .; the company more directly to Italy to buy the most popular K gold jewelry; Hong Kong and Macao area of ​​Chow Tai Fook more world famous brand watches and clocks, to bring customers a wide range of options Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Co., Ltd. Is a wholly – owned subsidiary of Chow Tai Fook Group, which specializes in Chow Tai Fook brand jewelery and jewelery gold pandora bracelet charms.

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Abstract: How to clean pearl necklace? Pearl necklace will stay for a long time after the sweat traces and other filthy, pearl color although very beautiful, but can not stand a long test. After a few decades  Pandora Stackable Heart Ring,Butterfly Wing Silver Ring , pearls will become ordinary yellow, while losing the beautiful pearl luster, which is the saying goes, “people old bead yellow.” We regularly wash pearl necklace, make pearl necklace a new look.
Pearl necklace how to clean teach you how to restore pearl past glory discontinued pandora charms
Pearl jewelry with a long time why it will be yellow? This is mainly composed of pearls of the australite minerals of the physical properties of instability, over time, it will become an ordinary calcite. Carnation calcite, although the chemical composition of the same, and their crystal morphology and gloss is not the same.pandora charm collection  This is the reason for the pearl discoloration.
Pearl after the yellow, there are some remedies, that is, soaked with dilute hydrochloric acid, can dissolve the yellow shell, leaving the pearl to reproduce the crystal brilliant, glamorous and charming color. But if the color becomes very powerful, it will be difficult to reverse the pandora charms retailers .

Pearl necklace cleaning steps
1, prepare a clean towel, towel to be soft and clean.
Pearl necklace cleaning steps detailed
2, the first slightly clean the above easy to scrub clean things.
Pearl necklace cleaning steps detailed Two Tone Yellow Gold Gold 14k Rose Gold
3, with a towel dip some soapy water, and then carefully scrub again.
Pearl necklace cleaning steps detailed pandora charms genuine
4, you can go to the market to buy a special cleaning agent, with a cotton swab really clean.
Pearl necklace cleaning steps detailed
5, cleaning is a careful live, carefully cleaned, your pearl necklace on a new look Oh
Nanyang gold pearl prices are generally how much gold pearl price difference is great?
Nanyang gold pearl to its mellow and elegant temperament to  pandora starter bracelet impress women, making it a femininity endorsement. Nanyang gold pearl huge, rounded, pure, innate natural beauty and bright natural luster to show unparalleled elegance, style, making it one of the most popular pearls. However, now the market price of gold pearls uneven, why gold pearl price difference is very large? What are the factors that affect the price of gold pearl? pandora bracelet rope  The following pearl beauty of the small series for everyone to analyze one by one.

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neck length

① the left side of the neck short and thick, suitable for wearing necklace length in the 30CM-45CM “V” -type necklace, the effect of the pendant style is recommended. Pandora Stackable Heart Ring,Butterfly Wing Silver Ring Too thick and too wide to appear arc-shaped necklace will need to be avoided, will appear shorter and thicker neck.
② the right side of the neck slender, shorter than 75CM necklace length is thin neck can control, and then long will appear too long neck, the proportion of uncoordinated. And because the chin and chest space is large enough, so the neck is particularly suitable for wearing a complex style necklace cheap pandora Sterling Silver , Sterling Silver Oxidised.
Three, crown
Remember ah dream wedding, Huang Xiaoming for the baby borrowed the town shop antique crown? If you also intend to hold a court, castle-style wedding, it may wish to choose a crown, so you more dazzling. However, it should be noted that this relatively high crown in the wear to be careful not to hang the veil.

1, Baroque Grand Crown: This type of crown and makeup is more suitable for luxury church wedding, as if the king and the queen of the coronation in general. Generally do not match the veil,bracelet with charms pandora  hair lower usually in the back of the head.
2, the princess wind little crown: If you do not like too exaggerated accessories, it can also choose small and exquisite, relatively low crown, so also better choice of veil and hai r jewelry bracelets pandora.
3, the Chinese Fengfeng crown: In recent years, the Chinese wedding more popular people, so if you want to come to an ancient Chinese flavor of the ancient wedding, Fengguan with skirt is the best.
Fourth, headdress
In addition to the crown, the bride in the headdress on the choice there are many, we can choose a lot more than the crown is also good-looking garlands and hair bands gold pandora charm bracelet
gold pandora earrings.

1, hair band: Do not feel that the hair band is already antique is not popular, tulle, rhinestones, flowers embellishment of the hair bands and garlands than the slightest addition to fresh and refined temperament, while more to add a well-behaved, soft charm.

square face

① we have to quickly determine the length of the necklace, different necklaces have different lengths, we can choose according to their preferences like the length. (Length as shown) Disney Charms
② also clear the purpose of modification, side face face harder, it will inevitably lack the feeling of soft. In order to make themselves look more feminine soft, beautiful gas, we can choose more rounded soft style, to “ease” the edges and corners of the face, long arc beaded necklace is very recommended style yo.
③ the most important thing is to avoid the style Pandora Rose Gold Sale , try to avoid straight, geometric shape of the jewelry, but also do not choose a long necklace with a swing, so that the face is wider.
melon face

① oak face is what we usually call the “awl face.” It is characterized by a wide forehead, chin thin Although this kind of face is sought after, but in fact its shortcomings is slightly thin face, need to be wider or ornaments full of necklace to balance the contours of the face disney frozen pandora charms.
② do not “V” on the “V” “V” -shaped face must not choose the “V” -type necklace, “V” -shaped and wide on the face of the narrow outline of the same, will strengthen the chin Sharp feeling. In addition, do not choose too thin or with a long pendant necklace, will appear forehead more generous, giving a top-heavy feeling  pandora pink、red and green beads.
③ to the fullness of the decorative design. In order to balance the face of melon seeds face, you can choose a rich sense of decorative necklace, not only ease the chin at the thin feeling, but also by the gorgeous or shining necklace to decorate the whole woman full of feminine.
goose face

① oval face This is a envy of jealousy hate face. Oval face with its lines soft and very classical charm makes full of female charm, this face in the necklace selection is almost no taboo, you can according to their own character, preferences to freedom of choice, envy others others ah  Discount rose gold pandpra rings,earring, bracelets and necklace.
② collar and necklace length. Oval face in the necklace style, although you can easily choose, just wear, but the length of the necklace, or pay attention to the relationship with the collar. In the figure above, the necklace 1 is higher than the collar and the necklace 3 is longer than the collar is OK, but the red 2 necklace length just at the edge of the collar, this “friction friction” embarrassing position, must not yo pandora sale beads!

disney world charms for bracelets

Necklace stack is an important point is to be clear, the easiest way is to wear different lengths of necklaces, short necklaces make your look full of levels, full of vision, the following long necklace, pandora charms beauty and the beast but also unlimited stretch neck Part of the line. Long and short necklace superimposed to a kind of affinity, elegant and capable feeling, in the necklace style selection to be as simple as possible, refined. Want to mix the necklace smart, the most indispensable than with a small pendant necklace, both can show a clear sense of hierarchy, but also for the overall dress play the finishing touch.
Will be crystal, diamond pendant necklace with pandora minnie mouse earrings  together to show the little girl’s cute cute, easy to slap in different styles. Necklace color best with the upper and lower installed in a color echo, to avoid the body there are too many colors, giving a messy feeling.
In addition to different styles of necklaces can be stacked, the material is different, you can also create a different stack effect, gold, platinum, pearl and other materials necklace, each material has its own unique characteristics, so different materials Necklace with properly, the advantages of the two materials will be able to more out of color, showing a full of mix and match charm, but also test the wearer’s skill pandora disney charms uk .
Wear a note on sterling silver necklace
Silver necklace for a long time silver exposed in the air will appear different degrees of oxidation black, you can use toothpaste and rub silver cloth rub, or send jewelry shop cleaning. Silver hit sweat, it is best to clean with clean water, and dry.

Trophy Necklace Maintenance Guide
Choi gold necklace is not as hot as the gold necklace, there is no silver necklace elegant ya light, color is both graceful fashion and fresh and refined, highlighting the feminine charm. The daily maintenance of the gold jewelry necklace can not fall.

Gold and silver necklace wear skills pandora disney cruise line charms
Gold and silver necklace with its luster and charm to discuss the love of countless women, if not careful maintenance, will lose the initial luster and charm. In order to prevent the original gold and silver necklace luster in the wear should pay attention to wear skills.

Platinum necklace cleaning precautions alice in wonderland pandora charm
Platinum necklace is like love, only careful care can be permanently distributed charm. The secret to maintaining the perfect state of platinum jewelry is to follow the jewelry preservation, cleaning and maintenance of the various suggestions and methods.

pandora rings sale to pay attention to matters

Gold jewelry to pay attention to matters
One, pandora rings sale K gold refers to gold and other metals smelted together with the alloy. According to the other metal content added in the gold, the amount of gold in different K gold is also different. 24K refers to the pure gold, if the pure gold is divided into 24 copies, 1 is 1K, 1K gold content is 4.1667%.
Currently on the market there are three kinds of K gold series: yellow series, white yarn column, color series.
1. Yellow series of gold jewelry is gold and silver, copper alloy. Yellow K gold series of jewelry color depth and gold content and the proportion of silver, copper, if the content of silver than copper content is high, the yellow on the shallow.
2. White series of gold jewelry is gold-based gold pandora sale beads , silver, zinc, nickel alloy, the outer layer and then coated with a layer of white rhodium, used to call the white K gold. Such as the market common 18K white K gold is made of 75% gold and 25% silver, zinc and nickel.

3. Color series of gold is gold alloy in the gold by adding a small amount of colored metal elements, so that the color of K gold into color. At present, the market of color K gold jewelry is the different colors of K gold pressed into thin slices, and then the same K number of gold by the color of the different arrangement, and finally with the method of pressing the sheet pressed.
Second, platinum pandora bracelets and charms 
Platinum is commonly known as platinum, is a more precious than gold metal materials, the world’s annual supply of platinum gold only 1/20. Its chemical element symbol is Pt, hardness 4.3, specific gravity 21.45g / cubic centimeter 20 ℃, melting point 1768 ℃, platinum has manyBlack Spinel Crystals Cubic Zirconia stones
excellent properties, such as hardness, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, never change color. But in order to be more suitable for the production of jewelry, generally in platinum to add 5% to 10% of the palladium, the market sales of platinum pandora necklace charms jewelry are almost 90% platinum content and 95% platinum and palladium alloy.
Three, white k gold is platinum?
Many investors put the white K gold as a platinum, and some businesses simply will be wrong on the wrong, but also to white gold as a white gold that is misleading, said the heavy is deception, so many investors bought jewelry later found Buy is not what they need platinum, but K gold. So for a long time in the white K gold was fake, suffered a white injustice.
1. First of all to know that white gold is gold and other gold alloy, the real platinum is platinum disney frozen pandora charms.
2. Learn to see the product logo. According to national standards, the logo of each piece of jewelry should be marked on the precious metal name and fineness if the precious metal. According to national standards, gold jewelry in the purity of thousands or K number before the gold or G, such as G750 gold 750 and G18K gold 18K are said that 75% gold gold; platinum jewelry in the purity of the former before the platinum or Pt Such as platinum 900, disney pandora collection Pt900 represents a platinum content of 90%. In particular to declare that the content of platinum will not use K number to represent, with K number that color only gold.
3. Watch the stamps of the jewelery. Formal manufacturers will be in the jewelry of the shelter at the knock on the stamp, indicating the precious metal fineness, fineness of the method with the above.
4. Appearance observation, white K gold than platinum luster better, brighter, color is also more white, and the style is also more abundant, the thickness has;where to buy pandora charms in disney world  platinum luster and color is relatively darker, because the texture is soft, can not Do too fine style, although the process is better than in the past, there are some details listed, but the style is not much, and K gold jewelry can not be compared.
5. Hand weigh the weight of platinum than K gold sink, this is because the proportion of platinum than K gold big pandora mickey bracelet .